21 Eylül 2011

The Game Called ''Me Drawy, You Findy''

Allright Folks,

This is a game which is invented by me. (clap clap clap)
Okay here is the details:

Objective: Find all of the stories on this illustration.

How: There is a list below. That list has all the stories i drew on this paper.

Competition: You have to be 2 or more players.
Take the list on front of you. Open the drawing. The one who've found all of the stories in this illustration is the winner!

So here is the list(from easy to hard):

1- Flying Plane
2-Palm Trees
5-Hungry Baby Birds
7- Skateboarding Dude
8-Viking Ship
9- Normal Ship
11- Single Flower
12- The Man Who's Waiting For the Green Light
13- Big Single House
14- Car
15- Three Whale Tails
16- Mosq
17- A Part From a Starfish
18- Missing Mother Bird Looking Her Children
19- Traffic Light
20- A pen

That's it! Have a nice game!

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